2009 Great Lakes Film Festival Scriptwriting Competition

Winner ~ Hands of Gold – Glenn Booth 


This is Your Captain – Heather Langone & J. Ardalan

The Singing Tree – Marilyn Pesola & Peter Moss

Confession of Lizzie Borden – Jeff York

Number Eight – Jason Tucker

Stand Up and Die – Dominic Pereira

Two by Two – Chad Rogers

Boo’s Birthday – Jorge Ponce

Notches – Michael Justice & E.J. Scalzi

Strange Loop – Nesij Beg

Mowood – Dave Eisenstark

Conflicted – Kimberly Sanders

Baker’s Dozen – Julie Keck

Discs – Norman Toy

The Grave Diggers – Colin Fox

MILF – Jeremy Johnson

For the Love of Ryan – Margaret Vazquez

Dead Man’s Hand – Ronald L. Ecker

The Bet – Shaun Murphy

The Wind Whispers Mary – R Carter Gray

33 And a Third Xmases – Clark McMillian Jr

In the Blood – Pamela Stovall

All the Fish in the Sea – Cheryl Lewis

Coffee Circumstantial – David Scott

Gaelic and Garlic – Nick Pullia

Sweet Dreams – Linda Thompson

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