Narrative Short Horror
10 Seconds Barber Chop ~ WINNER
A Letter From Home Cult
Animal Control ~ WINNER Endless ~ Nominated
Another Day Another Life Enter the Dark
Clarity Home
Double Happiness Marianne
Goalie Stranger Places ~ Nominated
He’s a Rockstar The Big Bad
Lives After Death ~ Nominated
Maya Anderson and the Gem of the West ~ Nominated Gay & Lesbian
Round on Both Sides I Need You
The Lemon ~ Nominated Fall Away ~ Nominated
The Light in the Shadows F My C
The Spirit of Isabel The Sister Wives
The Warm-up Guy Time Dances On ~ Nominated
We Met Online ~ Nominated Religious/Spiritual
Daniel’s Lot ~ Nominated
Narrative Feature JesusFreaks
A Beautiful Belly ~ Nominated Reconciliation ~ WINNER
All That Remains The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives ~ Nominated
American Seagull
Clear Lake ~ Nominated Animation
Fantastic Confabulations Even Now ~ Nominated
Half Way ~ WINNER Oliver’s Treasure ~ Nominated
Neander-Jin The Rudolf ~ Nominated
Rancho D’Amour Triboluminescence ~ WINNER
Documentaries Experimental
I Believe You And
Killing Memories ~ Nominated Poolside Manners
Positivity ~ Nominated The Frequency of Perception ~ Nominated
The Chain Reaction Project TO in 24 ~ WINNER
The Dancer
The Triangle of Death ~ WINNER Music Videos
These Magnificent Miles ~ Nominated Demolition Disco “Big Mama”~ WINNER
True Champion Gun Metal Black “Pair of Deuces” ~ Nominated
Holloway “The Gaze Eternal” ~ Nominated

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