Narrative Short Horror
 – RE50 to Wächtersbach #virtualabduction
1 on 1 Alone
1X2=3 Anselm, the Young Werewolf
A Day in Eden Badbug
A Scent of Lebanon Daddy’s Little Dearest
Antoine Darkroom
Aquarius Reaction
BKA 49-77 Room 731
Blind Date Tears of Horses
Blind Lucky Uberstein – Operation Wunderwaffe
Bound  LGBT
Burn Out Love A Happy Birthday
Burns Bachelorette
Business As Usual-The Prophet’s On Board Boy
But Milk is Important Eitan In Wonderland
Bye-Bye STAR-FIZZ Get Ripped
Cadet Maria
Camelot More Than Friendship
Castor & Pollux Projection on the Crisis (Gauweilereien in Munich)
Closure The Princess of Love O Love
Cloud & Mud The Smell of Candles
Complex Relations  
Desamour Religious/Spiritual
Design Starts Here Duck, Death and the Tulip
Disaffection Existentia
Do Not Watch This Fragments – A Dream of David Clay Diaz
Dusts From Ganga to Bollywood
Ears in the Sand Fusion
Empty House Karim
Every Day is a Small Life Loreley
Everything Starts Somewhere Maria
Facing War Mirror in a Mirror
Fallen Angel Pisa
For God’s Sake… Skile
Free Monkeys Sunday’s Child
Future Got No Past
Guitar The God of Sakarias
Hello Sunshine There’s Only One Me
Help Point  
Herbstfarben  Animation
Here With Me Dad’s Fragile Doll
How to Remove a Blood Stain Darkness
I Know You Dysplasia
In Final Level Hope
Inside My Name is Franco and I Like Dark Chocolate
Jeanne Patch
Joey Showreel Joost II Sickenga
Killer Symphony No 42
Lame Lambs The Path of Water
Lami The Patsy
Lapsus The Polar Bear Story
Last Ditch  
Level  Experimental
Lialou A Beginning
Life on the Line Behind the Curtain
Line in the Sand Boule de Suif
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Mad Men are Wholly Spirits
Made of Stone Gonna Crawl Back In
Mirage Iam A Lady
Monologue Instalife
Mother of Pearl Jan. 1
My Forest K.Reatures: Battle With Dichotomy
Myra Kim Dongso
Nan O Mann Moth Dust
Nella Tasca Del Cappotto Muneca
Numbers Normadrine
Once Upon a Time in Shaolin Societyindie
Our Unfenced Country State of Flux #2
Out of Bounds Stone Written
Qanis Taurus
Racing Time The Death of Place
Wars Untitled
  Weihrauchrosa, 2. Versuch
Narrative Feature
Heemwei Windward
Koinonia Yeruham Off Season
Long Road  
Olivia Twist  Music Video
  Apothek – Family
Comedy Baka
5 Ways to Die Bebo & Bate Pesho – Sunday
At Dawn
Black Raven
Clean Dealer
Domino Effect Dizziness
Hassling Pasta Evig Vandrar
Locanda Fallen Sun
Rob ‘n’ Ron Gone – Floex
Schlock Fish Hang Me On The Line
Scientia Fortuna Indigo Music Video
The Dandelion Jurek – Before We Disappear
The Uncles Kindergarten Love
  Le Grant
Documentary Short Making Things Apart
Between the Waves Marina Zettl – Round & Round
Brodino Rehearsal Miss Summer
Gigneville My Babe Ran Away…
Last Traces Pablopolar – Chapel Of Wood
My World Refracted – Aimless
Rainbows End Rodelle – I’m Afraid I’m Not (Official)
Russian Holidays Safety Driving
Stray Tales Shadowbane – Bleeding Skies
The Creature in the Nakagawa Canal So Hard – Iggy & The German Kids
Workers Sound of Silence
  Stick Me in My Heart
 Documentary Feature Thank You Market
B Flat or How to Miss a Blue Not The Abyss
I’m Still The Fire is Yours
Poetry and Reggae in Sao Luis The Other Half of Me
The Disney of Duivendrecht The Star
We Weren’t Given Anything for Free The Rhythm of Time
  The Walk of Earth
  To the Lighthouse
  Violence Done Well
  Your Careless Spark – Under Water 


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