2016 Shorts Festival Selections

101 Cupcakes#Datenightmovie
6 1/2 KitchensAunt Jean
A Boy And His GunsCarbon
A Day Will Come My Future Will Be Your Past Chateau Sauvignon: Terroir
A Walk In WinterFootprints
AcquiescenceFrame Of Mine
Another Christmas Gone (Absent)The Call of Charlie
Attached at the SoulThe Drive
BackpackWilliam’s Witches
Bits of LoveYour Turn
Blue Eyed Boy
Charlie CloudheadA Life Well Played
Clemency Of SilenceAn American Quilt-Stitching Together Our 9/11 Memories
ConfessionsClickety-Clack Film ‘High-Speed Express’
Death of CupidFluent by Christmas
DeliciousHoda's Story
DepressionInto the Hinterlands
Don FernandoMountain of History
Elle(s)My Dream
Fare ShareOneida Soldier
Fin Du VacReturn To Rivne: A Holocaust Story
Fire EscapeTales: A Cautionary Story about Heroin Addiction
GraffitiThe Beautiful Ya'an
Heart Of A LionThe Opossum Begins
Her TruthWaiting for the (T)rain
Hidden TrackWill to Dance
Letters From Exit Zero
Loki: Trickster HackerAnimation
Lost In TimeAgrinoui
Miss Eleonoora and the Bottom of the BottleAll The World's a Stage
NightshadesAnother Day In Paradise
Not Cats!Don't Be Afraid of Bears
Off The RailsDuhkha
Open HandsEmbarked
Rewind - AuthorityExperimental
Some Other Dawns[cthorsion scrypt fantomsens]
Sunflower SingsAnexperimentalviralvlog - the Movie Remix # !
Sweet DreamsDead Mall
The Art Of Human SalvageFall
The Light In The AfternoonNow Appearing in Bucharest
The RenovationOracle
TouchPeace Pilot
Tras ChrysalydaStille Vann
Under the CaravanTime Gaps
Will And The BlueYOU'RE OUT
You, Me, And The Living
ComedyDrowning In My Own Discontent
(IM)MoralJesus Alive Again: From the Last Supper to the Ascension
Bank Robber's SerenadeLight and Silence
BumpSt. Mary of the Isle: A Century by the Sea
Comic PotentialYom Kippur
Mission: Apo11oLGBT
Once Upon A DreamA Couple
Return To SenderApp Affairs
Shy GuysLightning Bugs In A Jar
Spring AwakendPamanhikan
Fill in the Blanks (Texte a Trous)
The Immaculate MisconceptionMusic Videos
Who Does This??!!Broken Dance
KRZML By Sinus Force
Pattern Repeating
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