2008 Great Lakes Film Festival Scriptwriting Competition 

Winner ~ The Lost Season – Julian Mendez


The Decisions of Doctor Faustus – Dav Freeman

Garbo Returns – Kristof Bathory

Annabelle and Me – Bradd Hopkins

The Cell Phone – Raymond Czerwinski

Potential Inertia – Matt Croyle

Faces Unknown – Robert B. Jacobs

Singer’s Prime – Pat Rushin

Dressed in a Black Flag – Mark Winzer

Project Lucy – Scott Ludden

A Beautiful Belly – Andrew Kenneth Gay

Voices – Susan Klos

Farm Team – Megan Breen and Brendan Leigh

The Vampire Rose – Jack R. Stanley

The Legendary Charlie Lapham – Michael Scalere

For My Best Friend – Leigh Ann E. Bell

Hatemonger – Jason Cutcher

Hank – Philip Travis

ReFry – Chad Jones

Streeterville: The legend of Cap Streeter – Gretchen Potts

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