Our Philosophy

Festivals are like a family. They allow those in the cinema world to meet in one place with the same experiences and similar goals, to mingle and interact with others, getting feedback on what they already accomplished and what is yet to come. Each year, filmmakers come together for five days, making friendships and bonds that will last a lifetime.

Film Festivals are not just for the wealthy, red carpet type of people but also for the guy that lives next door to you with a wife and 5 kids and wakes up every morning to head off to the steel mill, automotive plant, or the rubber plant. Film Festivals are here to open minds to what can be achieved in a short time period and with the smallest of budgets.

Films can range from 30secs to 8hrs and does not need the Hollywood seal of approval to be astonishing. All of us that are behind the Independent Film Festivals are here to bring people in to showcase their films but not to profit off another’s accomplishments. We are here to help others achieve their goals and to go beyond where they thought was possible doing it all on their own. We do not succeed if we have not helped filmmakers reach their goals partially or entirely.Every year we get new filmmakers and each year those filmmakers come back with a new project and its unbelievable to how much they have learned and their work has advanced in a year’s time.

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