2015 Shorts Festival Selections

47 MinutesBanaroo
A Spring Has Passed By {Rabeaan Mar min Huna}Eddy the Circus Elephant - A Fairy Tale {Zoukun to Koorogikun}
Shazam ! {Chazam !}Fisherwoman And Tuk Tuk
Dear FriendsPensioners Chips Episode 2
DualityThe Street {ulica}
Ferdinand KnappTomorrow
For Sarah's Love {Pour l'amour de Sarah}
Infidelity*Approaches to Erg
Love at First SightEbb Tide
NostalgiaGhent in Motion
OpalIn My Youth {I ungdomen}
Smile, You're DyingInfrastructures
ThawNo End
The EvePassaddhi
The HeatStill at Large
True LoveThe Caramel Corn Riot
Unite As OneThe Emotional Dimensions of the James River
Tracing Blood
Dinosaur or BirdLGBT
HadesLife's A Drag...
Here Lies in the AfterlifeMiniatures
K7Scotty & Josh Get Enlightened
The End {La Fin}Shredder
The Good WordRecords and Photographs {Levyt ja valokuvat}
Skin {Haut}Technical Difficulties of Intimacy
Vengeance is MinefieldThanatopraxy
AmiriNew Incessantly Endless {Nuovo incessantemente senza fine}
Europe: Wimps?There Once Was A Boy Named Geoffrey
Kamu Sofrehs {Sofreh haie Kamu}Unavoidable
Not Anymore: A Story of Revolution
ResurrectionMusic Videos
Tides10000 Years
Tikkun Olam: to Heal the WorldFaan
Touch the Sky with Alex ZanardiLeka
Lights Out
ComedyLilla Van Jag Vill Bo I En Husvagn
A Few Days With YouSmile
As the World BurnsSoulmate
Finding MommaThe Legend of the Silent Accordion {La Leggenda del Muto Organetto}
My Sister's PhotoThe Women Newspaper {La femme papier}
Judgement DayYour Home Is A Song
Red Lilly Overboard
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