Narrative Short Horror
Ascendancy {Nominated} Anniversary Dinner
Blood Country Dead Weight {Nominated}
Bright {Nominated} Other {Winner Best Horror}
Dark Before Dawn The Graveyard Shift {Nominated}
Dreaming American {Winner Best Narrative Short} This is David Conrad
Gut Feeling Gay & Lesbian
How NOT to Quit Your Job Coffee and Pie {Nominated}
If I Only Knew Cure(d)
Letting Go Fallen Comrade {Winner Best Gay/Lesbian}
Masque {Nominated} Friends and Lovers {Nominated}
Paying For It {Nominated} Seminarista {Nominated}
Schism Troy: Naked Boys Behind Bars, Sing!
Street Pillow or, The Sidewalk Sleep
Suddenly, Zindat… Religious/Spiritual
The Boyle Effect Foreignness {Nominated}
The Picnic Nominated Francis of Brooklyn
When You Find Me The Lost Secret of Immortality {Winner Best Religious/Spiritual/Christian}
Wolf Call {Nominated} Rendez-vous Aux Cieux {Nominated}
The Five Stone Secret
Narrative Feature Walther
Dalai Mongol {Nominated} Animation
Destiny’s Calling Brahmanda
Disorders: The Dark Side of The Human Mind Caldera
Dreams Awake {Nominated} Live Outside the Box
It Was Tuesday Murgi Keno Mutant {Nominated}
Jack London’s Love of Life Rocky Tandoori
Shelter Scarecrow of Oz {Nominated}
Shouting Secrets {Nominated} The Game
Smuggled {Winner Best of Narrative Feature} The Lady of Names {Winner Best Animation}
Somewhere West The Mark
Documentaries Experimental
A Day in the Sun Dip {Nominated}
A Noble Lie Oklahoma City 1995 HyperLightness Ad Absurdum {Winner Best Experimental}
America’s Holy War {Nominated} Time, Again {Nominated}
American Veterans Discarded and Forgotten {Nominated}
Let Go and Let God Music Videos
One With the Herd {Winner Best of Documentary} A House, A Home
Quest for Energy Come On
The Line of Departure {Nominated} Hey Tu {Nominated}
If I Had a Balloon {Nominated}
Like China
Like a Vulture {Winner Best Music Video}
My Journey {Nominated}

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