We’re excited to announce that our film I AM STILL HERE, which played in your festival recently, obtained distribution and has a release date!

Your festival, your time, and your attention to the difficult cause this film addresses helped us get distribution, so we wanted to let you know and to thank you for everything.

The film will hit all major platforms on February 19 this year.

Again, thank you very much for your interest in the film and for championing the cause it addresses.


Thanks so much for supporting my film and organising the festival. Without people like you and festivals like Great Lakes good filmmakers slip through the cracks and give up. Support is like oxygen to the common neurotic creative.

I’ll be submitting my new one for next year and hope to make it over the pond one day.


Callum Costello, Filmmaker

Thank you for the laurels. It was a pleasure to participate in your festival. Will be glad to submit more projects to future editions.


Neeru, Filmmaker

Thank you so much for all you did during the festival. It’s so nice as a filmmaker to be able to write to a REAL PERSON and get a prompt answer!!! It made my experience with the Great Lakes Film Fest pleasant.

Thanks so much and carry on with your incredible customer service.

Angela, Filmmaker

What awesome news! Thanks for letting me know, and more importantly, thanks for letting ADDicted be a part of this year’s festival. Great Lakes was the first online film fest that we have been a part of so to win Audience Choice means the world to us.

I too wish you the best of luck as you keep growing Great Lakes. Going online definitely increases exposure for the filmmaker but also the festival. Good decision to head towards that direction.

And even when I’m at the top, no one is below me. We’re all equals on this planet so don’t worry about me or my team being forgetful about the journey we’ve traveled : )

Take care and enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Dan Jenski, Filmmaker “2018 Audience Choice Award Winner”

You have done such a great job of organizing and running this wonderful festival and keeping us all up-to-date and informed. I appreciate it very much!


Bonnie, Filmmaker

Steve, thank you so much for all you did during the festival. It’s so nice as a filmmaker to be able to write to a REAL PERSON and get a prompt answer!!! It made my experience with the Great Lakes Film Fest pleasant.

Thanks so much and carry on with your incredible customer service.

Angela Wold, Filmmaker “Refuge”

A good film festival, modern, efficient and friendly.

Christophe Karabache, Filmmaker “Sadoum”

Steven Opsanic made me feel like we were the only film there. Always answered questions in a timely fashion, always encouraging.

Thank you Steven.

Goldie Smitlener, Filmmaker “Stolen Path”

Many thanks, and most of all for including us in your wonderful festival. We here at Keen City have been really proud and honoured to be included, and Reality Mine’s producer, Angela and I hope one day to be able to make the festival in person.

All the best for the future,

Nick Goulden, Director of “Reality Mine”

I loved every minute of the festival.

Jamison Steinberg, Runaway Poles

The digital focus puts this festival on the cutting edge. This is really sort of a film festival for the new millennium.

The festival also features a whopping 18 world premieres, and 2 North America premieres.

I find that remarkable for a first-time festival.

Catherine Malcolm, Consultant, who has worked with Sundance, Vancouver, and San Francisco Film Festivals

Personally, I was proud to be a part. You had great films, trophies and impressive participation from LA.

Brian Kreider,
Pennsylvania Film Commissioner

“This is a festival where people who are passionate about films get a chance to show their work before the public and get some feedback. And both sides can talk to each other about movies, the business, or whatever’s on their mind.”

Dave Richards – Erie Times News

The Great Lakes Film Fest gave me my start. In 2005 my screenplay Santa Claus Goes to Pirate Island was a runner-up. It went on to place at the Beverly Hills Film Fest, The Phoenix Film Fest, The Script Dig Film Fest, and was named one of the 20 Best Scripts of 2006 by Script P.I.M.P. Santa Claus is now in development with the producers of the soon to be released film Car Babes. If it weren’t for the initial success at the GLIFF, it might still be sitting on my shelf! Erie is a fun place and I’m glad it all started there at the Roadhouse for me!

Pat Bates – Scriptwriter

From being picked up at the airport by a really cool local filmmaker, free beers, live music shows, great selection of films to watch, riding in a limo with Terry Moore, more free beers, great vibe and constantly being treated as a VIP I couldn’t have had a better experience than the 2006 Great Lakes Scriptwriting competition and Film Festival. You guys rock,

Michael Engel – Scriptwriter



OTTO FELIX – Filmmaker/Producer

I was a script writing participant and one of the winners in the Great Lakes Film Fest. I went to Erie for the occasion and found it to be a delightful town with many wonderful sights and great dining places. The officials at the Festival were helpful and courteous at all levels and made my visit a pleasure. They had time for their guests even while conducting the major task of keeping things running smoothly. I take my hat off to Steve Opsanic, his hard working assistant, Kelly, and to all of the others at GLFA who helped make this event such a success.

Bill Wellborn – Scriptwriter – 2006 GLFF Script Winner

“A great festival in a great theater with great people. The Great
Lakes Film Festival was a whole lot of fun.”…

The Flying Canter Brothers – Filmmaker

The Great Lakes Film Festival was a great experience. I have been to several events of this nature and I have to say that I met such a wide diverse of talent and made film industry friends that I continue on staying in contact with. I watched some great film work that makes me proud to be in the Independent Film Industry.

Also, the festival staff is very accommodating and friendly and the theater acoustics are awesome.

Our film (The Derby Stallion) won Best Narrative Feature, which was cool of course, but my opinion would be the same regardless. I highly recommend the Great Lakes Film Festival to anyone who has an interest in this direction.

Leisa Coffman – Tonja Walker Productions
Director of Marketing

The Great Lakes Film Festival rocked… Steve, Kelly, and Christian couldn’t have been cooler! Great people, damn good music at the bars, and a shit load of fun… I’ll be back Mr. Opsanic and yes that is a threat!

Joel Miller
Your favorite roadie/filmmaker

KillerWolf Films had a terrific experience working with everyone at the Great Lakes Film Festival. We were treated very well, and Great Lakes came through on delivering everything it promised and then some! You can see the effort that Steve and everyone puts into this festival and I would not hesitate to submit my work to the festival again.

Len Kabasinski /KillerWolf Films

The Great Lakes Independent Film Festival is an amazing collaborative effort that brings together so many talented people. The films are amazing, the people are amazing, and the interaction between filmmakers, writers, and the staff is truly exceptional. The intimacy of collaboration and connecting is literally personified at this festival.

I have received countless requests for my screenplays as a result of my selection to the Great Lakes Film Fest. Without their hard work and dedication, this would not be so. And for that I’m grateful. I can’t wait to see what next year brings.

Matt Croyle, Screenwriter

The whole process with the Great Lakes Film Fest was one of the most professional competitions I have ever been involved with. They came through with everything they promised and more. They introduced me to filmmakers via contact information and I am very happy to say thanks to the Great Lakes Film Fest my script is now in pre-production.

Thomas Lewis – Scriptwriter – 2007 GLFF Script winner

I was moved beyond words when I received the news my script won and from that point on the Great Lakes Film Festival has given back to me much more than I could have expected.

Julian Mendez – Scriptwriter – 2008 GLFF Script winner

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