Great Lakes International Film Festival

Welcome to Great Lakes International Film Festival Online. Films are now becoming available for screening. Over the next 24hrs all films will be available with the exception of certain ones, which is explained below.

Enjoy the Films!!

2015 GLFF Film Nominations

2015 Great Lakes Film Selections

The 2015 Great Lakes International Film Festival has officially closed its Call For Entries for the current season.  We would like to thank the nearly 400 Filmmakers who submitted to this year’s competition, and please know that each and every film will be considered in its entirety for selection in this year’s Festival.

The bold visions, adventurous ideas, and artistically inspired projects that we received as submissions this year were all fantastic works, and every Filmmaker should be proud of the skillfully crafted film that they have created, which we are so honored to have the opportunity to consider for this year’s Festival.

Award winners in every category will be announced on October 11th at 8pm EST.

Showcasing the best films of the 2015 season, the Great Lakes International Film Festival will be held LIVE in the great City of Erie Pennsylvania starting on September 24th 2015, with our online festival taking place September 24th thru October 18th, 2015.

The dates of the online film festival have had to be extended until October 11th, 2015.  The reason for this extension is because over 50 films selected from one particular film submission service were corrupted due to a glitch on the submission service site.  This problem has since been corrected by the submission service, but unfortunately those films will not be ready for screening until Tuesday September 29th, 2015.

In order to give all Filmmakers a fair amount of time to have their films screened, we felt that the extension was the only fair thing to do for these Filmmakers. We do apologize for any inconvenience that this delay may cause for the particular Filmmakers.

Every film in the festival is eligible, and is in consideration for the “Best Of Genre” awards, and nominations for those awards will be announced on September 29th, 2015.

Every film in this year’s festival is eligible to win the “Audience Choice Award”.

The “Audience Choice Award” is selected, along with 3 runners-up. It’s simple and easy, anyone and everyone who watches the films can vote, and the film with the most votes between September 24th and 11:59pm EST on October 10th will be selected as the 2015 “Audience Choice Award” Winner, and announced on October 11th, 2015.

The rules and regulations of the voting process are just as simple, simply purchase an online ticket, watch the film, then click the vote now button after watching the film, and then fill out the very short voting ballot form and click “SUBMIT”, it’s that simple! Each attendee can watch and vote on as many films as they like, though each may cast only one vote per film.

The rules are just as simple, and are listed below. In addition, the rules will be posted clearly on our website in several places once the festival kicks off.

Voting rules:

1) Only one vote per person, per film.

2) Each person’s name that appears on a voting ballot for a particular film must have a matching receipt of payment for an online ticket for that same film in the amount of One Dollar and Ninety Nine Cents USD ($1.99) to ensure that all votes are unique and valid.

3) Anyone can vote for any film, so long as that person watched the film that they are voting for.

4) Multiple votes for any one film by a single person will NOT be allowed, and all other multiple votes except for the first one will be disqualified.

It’s that simple and easy!

We strongly encourage all Filmmakers to promote their films by using their Social Medias and posting the links to their film’s location on our site to Facebook , Twitter, and other social Media pages, and by contacting your Cast, Directors, Producers, Friends and Family and get the word out and get the votes in! Please keep in mind that the film with the most audience votes will be selected as the winner of the Award.

From the feature narrative genre to documentary to animation; experimental, horror and Spiritual films, the Great Lakes International Film Festival celebrates the film arts in dynamic transition. As emerging technologies continue to redefine the form, filmmakers from the Great Lakes region, across the country and around the world express the common and the diverse through the age-old tradition. — The art of the story.