2017 Film Selections

The voting for the Audience Award will open this Sunday, September 24 at 11:59 pm EST, and after all films in the Festival are screening. Filmmakers will receive an email once the voting has opened.

The email will contain information and suggestions for promoting your film to attract attendees and voters, as well as other information.

Virtual Screening Schedule

2017 Film Nominations

Narrative ShortDocumentary Short
1001Journey From War to Peace
AlzhaïmourA Love Story - The Poet & The Musician
Cup of TeaBeyond Sight
EskimoBud's Odyssey
For the ChildrenIn Search of Devaki
FracturedLeaving Syria: Long Live the Youth
FrederickSak Yant: Thai Magical Tattoo
Girl of My DreamsSisterly
Girl, WaveringTeta
Golden BreamThe Chicago Mixtape
Guardian AngelThe Voice of The Kora
I Love New YorkThe Workshop
In ConfidenceWater Women
Lonely Souls of MicrobesDocumentary Feature
Maggot Brain or The Reincarnation of Willie Hud25 Tracks
MwahAngels Of The Sky
No Irish Need ApplyDetroit Under STRESS
Oh, the Effing HorrorE.T. Contact: They Are Here
One Last DanceEscarpment
Outside The LinesMadame
PoleSurviving Peace
RedemptionThe Promise
RefugeThe Unknowns
Road Kill
Rotten Mangos
Shanivaar Ko Do BajeAnimation
Split TicketCut Bait
The Desert Left BehindDrew's Dancing Drum
The Language of BallLaymun
The Life of MarieLight at The End of The Tunnel
The SwallowsThe Art Of Aping
This Modern Man Is BeatThe Orange Crayon
Veritas vos LiberabitThe Reflection in Me
What Remains of YouTokri (The Basket)
White LilyWhat Is Your Brown Number?
Won't Somebody Think of The Children?!Experimental
Your DayB R E A T H L E S S
Narrative Feature
2 GirlsMay I? Remix#
CASH aka GEN ARMethane Momma
Do Re Mi FaShattered
GodStructures of Nature
I Am Still HereThe Twisted Doll
Joe Finds GraceThis is What You Should Do
Sound of Silence
The Hermitage Theatre. A Golden AgeLGBT
VermijoA Bone to Pick
Waking DavidAll About Sec-377
Avsar (Opportunity)
ComedyDead Draw
Annie WaitsMasquerading: To Hell and Back
Comfort and JoyNot the Devil
Do Not ResuscitateThe Cassette
El Audífono (The Earpiece)The Play Within Documentary
Jihadi Street
Lazy CirclesFLOW - the End of Mono-Dimensional Thinking
Molly MayorIn The Beginning There Was Light
The Naked TruthJesús
A Peculiar ThudRoxie
CreakThe Future of Man
Cry It OutThe Last Prophet
DollMusic Video
Evil RisingBe Able
FugaziBlue Eyes
Pizza FaceGoogoosh - Two Windows
Requiem For A Lost SoulMountains
The Dark HungerRain
The RuinsWe Live in the Lake
You Can Build a Garden