2020 Film Selections

Narrative ShortDocumentary Short
1060 Perth Blue Arvida
After Ashes Letters From Long Binh
Assisted Suicide Mild
Beautifully. Love. Dark.The Angel of History
Behind Glass Walls The Last Fishing Journey
BlackBlueToo Good to be Forgotten
Bumpy Rhodes
CAN YOU SEE ME? Documentary Feature
CAR JACK A Life's Work
Engines of DestinyThe Last American Colony
EscapeThe One and Only Jewish Miss America
ForgottenTruth Be Told: Irving Norman and the Human Predicament
Of Children and Wine
Running Against The WindCanarian Hymn
Taxidermy TomCross Purposes
The Creator ofGod: Miracles
The discrete wayThe Silence of I Am
TRANSFERThe Song of the Sea
Unseen Agenda Under the weight of remorse
You Can Go NowYarne
Ye Are Gods
Narrative Feature
Cowgirls and IndiansGLBT
Drawdown Inside the Queer Actor
Remember Our DaysReveal
Small Town RemediesTHE BREATH OF CELIA
Zoe & Bryn
Double Jack Pilot Experimental
"IT'S DESMOND (your misguided tour guide)" Dhumkkudiya
La Belle Cheveux de Monsieur CanopyHaiku
March 14thMantis
SquashedThe Velvet Abstract
The Web Opera
HorrorWave Form
Circle of StoneAnimations
Fever Dreams MovieApollo 11: A Trip to the Moon
Help MeLion Dance
Polar Tour Masc
The BasementSix Day Back
The ChairSpike and Melody
ThirstThe Chair
To Kill a Lily
Music Video
As Long As You're Mine
Keep Shining
So Beautiful
Waters of March